Our goals

RIKAZ Real Estate Company approves on many of the planned goals connected with the development of the field of real estate development and investment opportunities; moreover, it believes in its responsibility to fulfill the objectives of the Saudi citizen in acquisitions and investments.

RIKAZ’s Company goals:
Develop the real estate sector.
Meet the requirements of the Saudi citizens.
Keep up with the revitalization taking place in the Kingdom in all areas.
Meet the demands of population growth by creating the complexes’ service.
Put future plans, strategies and visions for real estate actions.
Benefit from others’ experiences in the field of real estate development.

Our vision

RIKAZ Company gathers between the future’s vision and the safe planning in investment.
RIKAZ Company is committed to a long term schemes’ assurance that it creates to develop new features for the assembly areas of population, taking into account the spirit of the civilization’s design.
The company depends on the principle of spending more time in depth studies of the projects and the risks associated with investments before developing it, which helps and ensures its customers a positive and long term investment.
RIKAZ Company is dedicated to pursue social response, environmental awareness, and heritage commitment in the planning stages and construction of the suburbs and the organizational charts.
The company depends on a clear and specific standard through its development journey.