Jawharat al hada

From the development leader in the field of real estate investment in the Kingdom , Jewharat el Hada, a new opportunity in the land which is more valuable than gold. Located in the nice neighborhood of Al-Hada, the most prestigious area in Al-Khobar, a large area with developed necessary infrastructure and ready for construction ... immediately. For sale by auction, Jewel away Hada is a minute walk from the University of King Fahd and one minute from the Al Rashid Mall. Jawrhat Al-Hada Is conveniently situated in the central neighborhoods on Prince Faisal bin Fahd road and it’snext to the proximity King Fahd University (KFUPM) &Saudi Aramco. On the other side it is almost adjacent to the three largest commercial complexes in the region (Al-Rashed Mall - Dhahran Mall - Panda). Other details for the project: • Area: 67.483 square meters • Number of shares : 1 860 shares • Space arrow: 36.28 meters per share • The value of Release: 25 thousand riyals • Liquidation value : 38 thousand riyals • Project duration : six months . • Earnings ratio : 54 % in six months, which is equivalent to 108 % in one year. • Planned uses : residential investment commercial investment • Number of pieces of land :Total of 65 pieces of land out of which 46 are for residential investment and 19 for business investment out of which there are 6 pieces of land which are located directly on the road to Prince Faisal bin Fahd.