Tala Beach

Tala Beach is located at the best featured site on the Half Moon Bay and the Gulf of Aziziyah beaches. It is near the village of Flame cruise &is about 20 minutes’ drive from the city of Khobar. The total area of the project is approximately 800,000 m2. The whole area has been divided &planned to allocate 47 distinctive plots all facing the fascinating beach , which is characterized as neat & clean water , clear sand and is fully in compliance with the tourism trends . 1. The main company responsible for the development of the project is M/s Haddab,who are highly qualified in construction of Palaces & Grand villas and also private tourist chalets. 2. This area extremely suitable for executive class hotels and motels, fancy restaurants and cafeteria and entertainment. The Tala Beach area is directly connected to the main street. 3. Tala Beach has a planned commercial area, a beautiful mosque, green areas and many government facilities, civil and public attitudes. 4. It is a fully gated &guarded around the clock project and entrance is only for the plot owners. 5. The project features and services : • Project contains a commercial area, a mosque, green areas and many of the governmental and civil facilities and public attitudes and private. • Landscaping and palm trees. • For services to the development and processing of the project work necessary pavers, and extensions of networks, lighting and electricity, telephone and water. • Note that the scheme has been fully gated to provide him with bodyguards Wish Upon a clock, but not allowed to enter the area only for the owners only.