Makkah Towers

Luxury accommodation, in the Bekaa pure Rehab Center of the Islamic World Mecca, a city that has seen the birth of Islam and welcomes pilgrims from various parts of the world have seen the establishment of a modern enterprise (Emaar Towers Mecca) this Modern project consists of three towers within five minutes’ walk from the Haram al-Sharif . The project is located in the southern part of the campus and in the middle of the Mecca region in Cody scheme Rawabi Ajyad Street Ajyad year. Outstanding location in in the Heart of Mecca, the Emaar Towers Makkah provided for Muslims from around the world all the comforts and modern planning with modern luxury and quality. With the increasing numbers of pilgrims every passing year, the Emaar Towers Mecca provide best business opportunities for investors with wonderful possibilities. • The total area of the towers / 60.576 m2 • Number of shares offered shares in 2000 . • Issue price per share 23,000 SAR per share . • Share communal space : 12.79 m 2 • Execution time : two years. • Earnings ratio : 24 % per annum • Use : investment Services and Features 1. Three floors dedicated to parking. 2. Ground floor contains the luxurious lobby and a chapel. 3. Business Center. 4. Restaurants and shopping center. 5. Rooms dedicated to drivers. 6. Five minutes from campus. 7. Modern equipment. 8. 1-2 -3 bedrooms apartments