We passionately believe in our theme of ‘Rising Beyond’. We are there to help build the dreams and aspirations of families looking for a place to call home, and of entrepreneurs who want to turn their ideas into reality. Our projects are a place where people can enjoy entertainment experiences that go well beyond traditional shopping. As we move closer to the date set by Vision 2030, RIKAZ will continue living our brand promise of ‘Rising Beyond’, to create communities that are happier, healthier and more prosperous. We are here to build the long-term future of our country.


Our mission is to create attractive, innovative and sustainable real estate development projects that foster a community spirit. We aim to achieve consistent, risk-adjusted returns on investment for our shareholders, value for clients and professional growth opportunities for employees.


Our vision is to develop unique built environments – be it homes, offices, schools, malls or hotels – that can be the basis for communities to grow and thrive. We partner for success, and believe in mutual benefit for our stakeholders, our customers, and the nation.


With a vision and momentum, RIKAZ is building the next generation of lifestyle experiences. RIKAZ and its design partners harness unique innovative real estate solutions to build high performance lifestyle brands. Attention to detail is a drive factor towards an inspired design and creating experiences where people want to belong

Striving for excellence in introducing unique real estate development ideas and solutions

Fuel growth and embrace change to drive innovation

We plan and build for the long term to ensure of being more responsible towards the environment

Genuine concern for the communities we serve

Never stop learning and we bring out the best thinking together