Amwaj Resort

Dammam, Eastern Province

The Amwaj resort is located at the Half Moon Bay 4 km south of the Gulf Village, with total covered area about 1,000,000 square meters. The project is designed by prominent architect Nabil Gholam. The design taken into account characteristics of the natural and climatic conditions of the place, and analyzed many data as to ensure the renewed water bays and serenity, and maintaining the cleanliness of the beaches, and on the nature of the attractive through the study of the movement of water currents, and wind direction, and the geometry of the bays. All these data were integrated to secure the 430 piece of land for the construction of the chalets overlooking the waterfront, providing a balance between the imperatives of openness and visual range specifically vacuum to secure the privacy of the residents.

The Art of Urban Planning and touches the waterfront gives the spontaneous magic of the beach. Highlights the natural wealth, and complemented. There is no visual artifacts for consumption intended for Dazzle, but reshaping the place simply meaning the architectural, social, humanitarian, and heritage. Internal roads designed optical flow away from the monotony, and a width that fits the needs of cars and pedestrians, sidewalks shaded trees singing, and track for walking integrates with green parks and children’s playgrounds. And aggravated splendor golden beach specially designed for swimming and sports, the resort offers plotting urban and architectural into account the specificity and the traditions and way of life of our Arab societies, and provides them with the possibilities of prosperity and tranquility within the novel environment without alienation. Design took into account the distinctive gardens secure entrance to the project, surrounded by gardens, trees and water fountains, to reflect the environment vocals from the first moment of entry. A network of roads decorated with palm trees and a green oasis, shaded playgrounds for children and plentiful, track Walking, trees, seasonal and natural colors, this is a few of the many by the resort waves.

Rikaz was responsible for operation and maintenance of the resort for 5 years, including O&M of STP capacity 1500 Cu.m per day and RO plant capacity of 2000 Cu.m per day . Maintenance of landscape, daily beach cleaning etc were major scope during the O&M period. The resort has been successfully handed over to the owners committee on Dec 2013

474,000+ m²

Asphalt Area

49,000+ m

Water Pipes


Light Poles

52,000+ m

Electric Cables